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April 30 2019

copyright abolition flag. the cyan color represents oxygen, in analogy to how we, as intelligent beings, 'breathe' information in and out.
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March 28 2019

info-anarchist flag design with radio tower symbol
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crypto-anarchist flag design with key pair symbol
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geo-anarchist flag design with earth symbol
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anarcho-transhumanist flag design featuring a transistor
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March 27 2019

ancom flag design (second version)
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ancap flag design featurung the universal currency sign
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March 26 2019

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binary diagram of nontransitive dice
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diagram of Penney's game
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March 09 2019

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vertex-centered projection of a Petersen graph
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veganarchist flag design
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agorist flag design
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mutualist flag design
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July 23 2018

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good news everyone: i can now do cellular automata on sunflower spirals. it currently only supports 2-state, 2-neighbour CAs, so there are 16 in total. but every CA with an even number is completely black, because the initial cell is black (0).

the image you see here was creates by: https://opensofias.github.io/sunflowerspiral/#angle:1.618033988749895,po2:12,color:'c9',dotSize:1 and is arguably the most interesting of the bunch.

it's kinda like an expanding universe. arguably.

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July 19 2018

sunflower spiral generator: a little web program that creates svg graphics resembling the spiral pattern most prominently found on sunflowers, but also many other other plants.

it takes it's parameters directly from the address (after the #), and i invite you to play with them. (some can have negative or non-integer values)

this particular one has the address: https://opensofias.github.io/sunflowerspiral/#angle:1.618033988749895,po2:8,color:'r1',dotSize:0.5

you can remove parameters in order to restore defaults. i'll probably add more parameters in the future.

beware that "po2" is the number of dots as a power of two. it escalates quickly. (values larger than ~16 might take a long time and even larger ones might crash the browser tab)

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July 07 2018

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hexagram valknuts. one variant has 6-fold rotational symmetry, the other has 3-fold rotational symertry, plus reflectional symmetry when also inverting the weaving. in both versions, triangles pointing in opposite directions are directly linked, while the ones pointing in the same directions are not.
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July 05 2018

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double valknut. some of the trianges are linked, but not all of them, it's an interesting pattern. i made a little diagram for it but then my computer crashed.. <_<
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July 04 2018

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interwoven trefoils valknut (sadly they don't form a brunnian link, but maybe this is kinda cool in a way)

July 03 2018

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penrose valknut

June 25 2018

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dopamine as a binary coded 'flexible' structural formula. making these in inkscape (with the desired prescision) is a real pain. and i haven't gotten to molecoles with connected rings, yet.. <_<
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