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July 21 2017

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it's broken soup embeds season. you gotta link em, too. ;)
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Fremde Rassen dringen in den Lebensraum des Ariers ein und bedrohen seine Existenz. Im Heinrich-Himmler-Reservat werden die Arier vor dem Aussterben gerettet. 
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engineer Karen Leadlay working on the analog computers in the space division of General Dynamics, 1964.

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heh "instead".. ;)

i'm mostly on the green tea side of things, people just offer coffee to me way to often so i drink that too. with the help of lots of milk and sometimes honey..

i don't take caffeine tablets regularly, only if i have to get out of bed and i'm really fucking tired, or if i randomly feel like it.

and energy drinks.. eeeh.. i used to drink them on a similarly random basis like the tablets today but whatever else is in there is kinda nasty, i dunno, feels like the stuff is oozing out of my pores and my soul. i feel a bit sick when i had too much if it. whereas even my fairly excessive caffeine-beer didn't do that at all..

plus my tablets were much cheaper than coffee or energy drinks. 500 tabs for 10 €. nuff said.

Misheard lyrics
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Flying through the clouds
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Paris, France
© Damien Gosset

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July 20 2017

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