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brmpaw and binary cyborg clocks

(sent to the @brmlab mailinglist)

hey everyone :)

as i just checked your wiki and i was especially attracted by your neurohacking section. i love it, keep on this awesome stuff. but that just btw…

on your page about brmpaw there are plans mentioned to integrate a clock into it.
and i have a soft spot for clocks as they are a part of my efforts to reinvent civilization.
to be more precise i'm a lover and advocate of binary/hexadecimal time, dividing the day in 2^16 pieces ("hexsecs"), which are a little longer than an 'ordinary' (1/24/60/60) second.
your clock plans brought me the idea to just send the 16 bit of daytime information every hexsec as haptic or electric impulses to the users nerves, which is about 12,136296296 impulses per second. or non-impulses in case the bit is zero.
i also think about the perception of geocoordinates and compass direction in a similar fashion.

i wonder if such complex signals would be too distracting or how beneficial it would be that no memorization of previous time-states is required to percieve the daytime at any given moment. and most important weither binary signals with such a fequency are percievable effortlessly.

anyway i'm greatly interested in any sensory/cyborg experiments you do, and i would love to learn more. (i'm not so much into electronics and  µCs tho…)

greetings from saxony / germany / the internet,

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