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my computers* so far (what? of course i made logos for them…)

#0: unnamed (40 Mhz i386, 8 MiB Ram; 1999 for christmas)
#1: OSCAR (not named my me, pentium 200 MHz, 64 MiB ram, gift, 2000?)
#2: unnamed (pentium 166 MHz, gift, 2001?)
#3: digitaldroge (athlon 1 Ghz, 512 MiB RAM, bought 2002 with confirmation money (most  expensive machine i ever bought))
#4: glider (GP2X F100, 2007)
#5: m-theorie (i was originally planning to call it "meritokratie", changed my mind as it arrived; asus booksize barebone, athlon64 2x 2.6 GHz, 2008)
#6: planck (ideapad, with some lame atom cpu 1.5 GiB RAM (upgraded), 2010)
#7: tensor (eeePC T10MT or something, slightly better atom, 2 GiB ram (upgraded), 2011)
#8: ε (galaxy nexus, 2012)

*: general pupose, thus excluding 2 8-bit consoles, calculators and 2 dumbphones (both gifts that i owned only for a few months each, due to their utter pointlessness)
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