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directly elected cabinets

so what if we could directly vote for ministers*? my idea would basically be to have separate elections for each minister over one administrative cycle. (preferably using score voting but that's another issue 😊)

the advantages i would see would be:

  • campaign season would be dispersed throughout the administrative cycle and more policy focussed
  • candidates would be more likely to competent within the respective field, or at least has to make an effort to convincingly seem that way
  • separation of power: legislative and executive branch would be elected independently
  • more democratic

an objection i heard to this, is that this would lead to a low voter turnout. i don't think that is really a problem. i think people not voting on things they don't care about is a good thing. also even 10% of the voters would still be vastly more people than those deciding in current models.

i'm unaware of any country or administrative division that does what i propose, but i guess i didn't look that hard.. 😛

*: secretaries in usa.

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