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September 07 2011

hexadecaphonic (16-edo) keyboard design.

the hexadecaphonic scale defines 16 tones in one octave (one doubling of frequency).
you can read the clover leaves as binary numbers.

colors: black = 0, white = 1

1  3
2  4

one step left is 1/4 octave (3 traditional 'semi'tones) higher.
one step up is 1/16 octave (3/4 traditional 'semi'tones) higher.

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December 05 2010

9739 b6fa
a binary multimeter made up yesterday.
* the green leds are the mantissa. (the 'number')
* the yellow push-leds indicate and set the exponent in the form 16xdec.
* the red push-leds indicate and set the quantity that is to be measurted. (voltage, power, current, resistance, capacity, …)
* the blue push-led is is a power switch and indicator.
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