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October 14 2019

second revision of my Hong Kong umbrella flag
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June 30 2019

directly elected cabinets

so what if we could directly vote for ministers*? my idea would basically be to have separate elections for each minister over one administrative cycle. (preferably using score voting but that's another issue 😊)

the advantages i would see would be:

  • campaign season would be dispersed throughout the administrative cycle and more policy focussed
  • candidates would be more likely to competent within the respective field, or at least has to make an effort to convincingly seem that way
  • separation of power: legislative and executive branch would be elected independently
  • more democratic

an objection i heard to this, is that this would lead to a low voter turnout. i don't think that is really a problem. i think people not voting on things they don't care about is a good thing. also even 10% of the voters would still be vastly more people than those deciding in current models.

i'm unaware of any country or administrative division that does what i propose, but i guess i didn't look that hard.. 😛

*: secretaries in usa.

first posted to r/democracy

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June 07 2019

i would say anarchy is not just some momentary absence of states (and protostates), it also includes a good level of certainty that they won't come back. a society that didn't just become independent from statism, but immune to it.

that is also why "would it work in an anarchy?" seems like an important question for me to ask, the only way we'll get rid of statist structures is by replacing them with free ones.

— from a followup discussion
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June 03 2019

carbon tax in a market anarchy?

i feel like commenting on something people may be confused about: do i, as a (left-wing) market anarchist, support a carbon tax?

the answer is: basically yes, and i think a stateless society would have an equivalent: carbon restitution.

given todays evicence, it is reasonable to consider significant net-positive CO2 emissions a rights violation. public security agencies (or more specialized organisations) can and should stop these violators. so in order to avoid that CO2 emitters should find (or create) an equivalent CO2 sink. usually this will be another organisation that binds carbon in the environment or commodities (liquid CO2 tanks, carbonates, algea, plant matter, plastics, diamonds, whatever makes most sense for them). it probably generally makes sense for both parties to capture and deliver the CO2 from source to sink instead of releasing it into the atmosphere, but that's between them, as long their net emissions are 0.

of course states have enough opportunity to screw up a carbon tax, such as not doing it, doing it insufficiently or not rewarding CO2 sinks accordingly. so i maybe there are some carbon-tax proposals i would be against. but the idea makes sense and, as usual, i would expect competing voluntary organisations to do a better job at it than violent monopolists.

also i guess CO2 emissions are an less complex issue then other environmental concerns, because it's easy to quantify then stuff like bio-diversity or antibiotics resistance. but despair is always boring so let's try! :)

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June 02 2019

solarpunk anarchist flag
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April 30 2019

copyright abolition flag. the cyan color represents oxygen, in analogy to how we, as intelligent beings, 'breathe' information in and out.
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March 28 2019

info-anarchist flag design with radio tower symbol
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crypto-anarchist flag design with key pair symbol
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geo-anarchist flag design with earth symbol
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anarcho-transhumanist flag design featuring a transistor
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March 27 2019

ancom flag design (second version)
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ancap flag design featurung the universal currency sign
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March 26 2019

7230 516d 1024
binary diagram of nontransitive dice
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7048 6ac1 1024
diagram of Penney's game
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March 09 2019

1739 f3c0 1024
vertex-centered projection of a Petersen graph
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veganarchist flag design
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agorist flag design
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mutualist flag design
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July 23 2018

0322 24aa

good news everyone: i can now do cellular automata on sunflower spirals. it currently only supports 2-state, 2-neighbour CAs, so there are 16 in total. but every CA with an even number is completely black, because the initial cell is black (0).

the image you see here was creates by: https://opensofias.github.io/sunflowerspiral/#angle:1.618033988749895,po2:12,color:'c9',dotSize:1 and is arguably the most interesting of the bunch.

it's kinda like an expanding universe. arguably.

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July 19 2018

sunflower spiral generator: a little web program that creates svg graphics resembling the spiral pattern most prominently found on sunflowers, but also many other other plants.

it takes it's parameters directly from the address (after the #), and i invite you to play with them. (some can have negative or non-integer values)

this particular one has the address: https://opensofias.github.io/sunflowerspiral/#angle:1.618033988749895,po2:8,color:'r1',dotSize:0.5

you can remove parameters in order to restore defaults. i'll probably add more parameters in the future.

beware that "po2" is the number of dots as a power of two. it escalates quickly. (values larger than ~16 might take a long time and even larger ones might crash the browser tab)

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